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Set your mind at ease, rely on the skilled advice of a specialist.  With over 54 years exerience in residential and commercial paving, our employees have the qualifications needed to satisfy you, the client. We pride ourselves on our quality and superior workmanship in landscape construction.


Les Entrepreneurs Bucaro Inc. uses only the latest commercial heavy equipment (e.g. automated commercial asphalt pavers, compacting rollers, etc.) to ensure the smoothest and most durable pavement.


Les Entrepreneurs Bucaro Inc. offers their clients the most professional results at the best prices available due to the experience of our specialized crews and the unique way that we organize our projets.


You have other requirements related to your paving need? Just tell us what you need and we'll do it to your satisfaction - GUARANTEED !

B U C A R O paving & exterior arrangement

Experts in designing and realisation of complete arrangements


Asphalt paving




Rock gardens


Retaining walls



Irrigation systems

Stone work

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